Every week is an adventure for Members! Our weekly activities typically include:

1st KL’s Band competing in the 2012 Pesta Band Competition


Boys are encouraged to join our award-winning Brass Band. You will be surprised to learn that many of our best instrumentalists did not know any music prior to joining the 1st KL Band! Yet now, you’ll see them performing in venues around KL and beyond.

Worship and Bible Study

BB Members are a pretty fun bunch – and you’ll see that when we sing songs together! The BB also firmly believes in the moral and character development of our Boys. We achieve this by sharing lessons and values from the Bible, but never to force anyone to convert to Christianity.


All members go through drill training to develop discipline, self-respect, confidence, leadership and physical dexterity. By being in the 1st KL Drill Team, Boys are also part of an award-winning legacy!

Bible Study with Mr Yong

Awards Classes

1st KL believe in all-rounded development, so our Awards classes are designed to help Boys learn and grow in various physical, educational, social and spiritual areas.


Fun and games. Games and fun. What else?


Special Activities and Programmes

Intermittently 1st KL always organizes special programmes, including outdoor camping and adventure activities, competitions, outings, parties and much more!