Pre-Juniors (6-8yrs)

Our Littlest Brothers!

The Pre-Junior Section specifically caters to children aged 6 to 8 years old. They meet at the Legacy Center of Wesley Methodist Church KL from 1:45pm to 6:30pm.

Here, children experience our core emphases of discipline and religion through a variety of programmes and activities, including song-singing sessions, Bible classes, art, crafts, drill and games during our weekly programme. All these activities, lessons and projects are specially designed to encourage holistic development, encompassing four areas:physical, educational, spiritual and social. From time to time, we will also organize excursions and special programmes like camps, adventure activities, educational tours and participation in state as well as national events.

You and your child are most welcome to visit us for a preview of our programme. If you do visit, we encourage your child to be equipped with the following items:

  • Please come in shoes – as we have many adventurous activities that require them
  • Water bottle (We have water dispensers available)
  • Sports attire (T-shirt, sports shorts, socks and shoes)
  • Some stationary (pencils, colouring pencils, notebook, etc.)