Seniors (13-19yrs)

Boys Today, Men Tomorrow

1st KL checked- in at BB Thailand HQ, December 2017

The Senior Section is designed to especially for children aged 13 to 19 years old. They meet at the Legacy Center of Wesley Methodist Church KL from 12:00pm to 6:30pm. During our weekly programme, our Senior Section Members enjoy a variety of activities, lessons and projects that encourage holistic development, encompassing four areas: physical, educational, spiritual and social. These programmes and activities, including song-singing sessions, Bible classes, award classes, drill and games. From time to time, we will also organize excursions and special programmes like camps, adventure activities, educational tours and participation in state as well as national events. Our Senior Section Awards programme encourages learning and development through a myriad of awards Boys can earn, such as First Aid, Computer Knowledge, Camping, Expedition, Safety, Nature Awareness, International Relations, Physical Training, Swimming, Communications and many more! In fact, there are more than 30 different awards Members can achieve covering a wide-range of knowledge and experiences. Boys can eventually strive to earn the Founder’s Award and the President’s Award– the BB Malaysia’s two highest national awards for the Senior Section.

BB Awards

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Members are also encouraged to join our award-winning Brass Band – where they will learn teamwork and music under a qualified instructor. Do not worry even if your child has had no formal music training – many of our Boys first picked up their musical talents through the 1st KL Boys Brigade Band and have gone on to win awards in national competitions! 1stKL has a very active leadership-development emphasis, and we do this through our military-based Rank system. That is why, in the Senior Section, you will notice some Boys being addressed by ranks like Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant and Staff Sergeant. These Boys are called Non-Commissioned Officers or NCOs. They are Boys who have been promoted to become leaders and to help run Company programmes and lead their peers. NCOs are selected because they demonstrate

  1. Strong leadership potential
  2. Exemplary conduct and character inside and outside of BB

You and your child are most welcome to visit us for a preview of our programme. If you do visit, we encourage your child to be equipped with the following items:

  • Please come in shoes – as we have many adventurous activities that require them
  • Water bottle (We have water dispensers available)
  • Sports attire (T-shirt, sports shorts, socks and shoes)
  • Some stationary (pencils, notebook, etc.)